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AC COIR EXPORT Pvt Ltd is an export oriented Sri Lankan business entity, which was started in year 2007 as a sister company of a chain of family businesses. We export our products to number of foreign countries such as Japan, Australia and England. Some of our products have been certified for GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) bythe Sri Lanka Standards lnstitution and we are in the process of obtaining ISO quality standards by year 2020.

The founder of this family business was Mr.Wimalasiri Herath, who is the father of the chairman Mr.Asanka Herath and the managing Director Nilantha Chandima Herath.
AC COIR EXPORT Pvt Ltd, Mr.Asanka Herath. Wayamba Desiccated Coconut & Oil Mills (PVT) Ltd., “Wayamba Oil Stores” and “Metro Marketing” are the other segments of the business chain.

As an agriculture based country Sri Lanka is world famous for Tea, Coconut and Rubber for decades. Since the global trend towards the greener environment and biodegradable materials, we have achieved a reputation for our products in Sri Lanka and in the world. It gives us an idea of having quality standards for the products. Although we possess the certificate of GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) under the certification number: GMP 0679, issued bythe Sri Lanka Standards lnstitution for our grow bags, we have planned to obtain ISO quality standards also for our products by year 2020. We have a good market share in the export market but our future plan is to improve it by expanding our activities in the manufacturing process. As the passion of me and my family is, developing our family business, we believe that our management in all the aspects of a business from welfare activities of the employees up to handling the buyers is really important.

Finally I invite any buyer from any country to fulfil the needs in farming, soil conservation and practising organic farming to hold the hand in hands with us for a better future for all the human beings living on this earth by avoiding environmental pollution and by using nature friendly materials.

Coir Products   Coir Fibre   Coco Peat
The fibre extracted from the “Mesocarp” the outer layer of the coconut, Coir Fibre, enjoys the unique properties of being the longest natural fibre as well as the strongest in terms of twist resistance.   Mainly used in the manufacture of spring mattresses, Bedding and Upholstry,packing,drainage filters, thermal and acoustic insulation etc.   This is a by-product of the Brown Fiber extraction process and is used widely as a growing medium for plants in Horticultural/ Agricultural applications. Widely known as coco peat.
Husk Chips   Terrarium Products   Coconut Charcole
Husk chips sproduced from the husks at the outer layer of coconut nut consists of long fibers and sponge-like pith particles. Coconut husk chip is cut into ¼ inch to 1 inch size husk chips.   Popularity of terrariums are on the rise as a indoor decorative tool & as a hobby or a stress releaser. Terrariums could be as simple as growing a few plants to having animals like reptiles etc…    Shell Charcoal is an important product obtained from coconut shell. Shell charcoal is used widely as domestic and industrial fuel.
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