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  AC COIR EXPORT Pvt Ltd has two factories, situated in Pannalaand Daraluwa in North Western province, Sri Lanka. The factory premises as well as the coconut cultivated lands are situated with in the coconut triangle of Sri Lanka where the coconut yield is optimum. The peal or the husk of the coconut fruit is used as our raw material for a range of products such as Coir Fiber, Twisted Coir FiberCoir Twine,Weed mats, Geotextiles, Coir logs, Husk chips and Coco peat. We use the sophisticated modern machinery in manufacturing process.There are about 100 employees working in each of our factories. All of them are villagers live in suburbs to the factories. Other than the factory workers we have skilled employees in our plantations also to manage the crop well. Currently we practice safety measures with factory workers and considering their welfare we have planned to obtain ISO standards for our products by year 2020. According to our production capacity and the foreseeing planning, we have been able to export 70% of the production while issuing 30% of the production to the local market.A coconut tree can give food, firewood, roofing materials, alcohol, treacle and lot of fiber based products. Therefore we as a leading manufacturer in coco peat and fiber products, nothing is removed as wastes, except water that is used to ferment the husks to separate the fiber  
  Handmade to the BEST quality  
At AC Coir, our products are manufactured for the best standards. We are one of the best providers of high quality fibre coir.
  Our products are manufactured with the FINEST technologies  
We use the best machinery to produce high quality easy fill bags that is an Ideal for growing crops and landscaping
  Quality is the key ingredient for SUCCESS  
At AC Coir Exports, our factory comprices the best technologies tp manufacture quality coconut fibre products
  Be environmentally friendly to PROTECT the earth  
Our aim is to manufacture products that are envrionmentally friendly. The Coco Peat Grow bag is one of the main products we manufacure. This is used for propagation of seedlings and young plants. This is another environmentally friendly 100% bio degradable plant starter.
What they say
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AC Coir Export Pvt Ltd, No. 5,8,9, Industrial Estate,
Pannala, Sri Lanka.
Tel: +94 (0) 37 224 6009
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AC Coir Export Pvt Ltd,
Duraluwa, Wayamba ( NWP), Sri Lanka.
Tel: +94 (0) 31 720 0078 /+94 (0) 31 567 5599
+94 (0) 37 224 5099
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