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AC COIR EXPORT Pvt Ltd is an export oriented Sri Lankan business entity, which was started in year 2007 as a sister company of a chain of family businesses. We export our products to number of foreign countries such as Japan, Australia and England. Some of our products have been certified for GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) bythe Sri Lanka Standards lnstitution and we are in the process of obtaining ISO quality standards by year 2020.

The founder of this family business was Mr.Wimalasiri Herath, who is the father of the chairman Mr.Asanka Herath and the managing Director Nilantha Chandima Herath.
AC COIR EXPORT Pvt Ltd, Mr.Asanka Herath. Wayamba Desiccated Coconut & Oil Mills (PVT) Ltd., “Wayamba Oil Stores” and “Metro Marketing” are the other segments of the business chain

As AC COIR EXPORT Pvt Ltd is a one segment of a chain of family businesses, we utilize the peal or the husk of the coconut fruit as our raw material for a range of products such as Coir Fibre, Twisted Coir Fibre, Coir Twine, weed mats, geo textiles, coir logs, husk chips and coco peat. We use the sophisticated modern machinery in manufacturing process.
According to the folktales among the people in Sri Lanka there is a tree in heaven called “Kapruka” which gives anything that we wish. Coconut tree has an appellation of “Kapruka” because it can give food, firewood, roofing materials, alcohol, treacle and lot of fibre based products. Therefore we as a leading manufacturer in coco peat and fibre products, there is nothing as wastes, except water that is used to ferment the husks to separate the fibre. These facts help us to manage a pollution free or greener environment within our factory premises.There are 100 employees working in our factories. Other than the factory workers we have skilled employees in our plantations to manage the crop well.

Our history of business activities are old as more than fifty years. But still we are a successful chain with strong bond. Because we appreciate our employees and take care of their welfare including construction of houses and helping their children in education other than paying a reasonable salary for their labour.

In order to promote our products in local as well as in the international market we usually participate in exhibitions, demonstration programs in universities and institutes in Sri Lanka and in foreign countries.


Mr.WimalHerath who is the founder of the family business based on coconut was inherited with a passion for business due to his business minded mother. Since he was brought up in a family business environment, his passion was engaging in business. This strong will was thoroughly grasped by his children. That is evident through the chain of family businesses, Wayamba Desiccated Coconut & Oil Mills (PVT) Ltd., “Wayamba Oil Stores” and “Metro Marketing”

Mr.Wimal Herath started his career as a businessman by opening a fibre factory “Daraluwafibre mills in Kelanimulla in the year 1963. With the steady growth of the business he started the second fibre factory called “SandasiriFibre Mills”.In order to facilitate the efficient delivery of the fibre he started his own transport company under the nameof “WimalHerath& brothers. Then he started to produce fibre ropes using machinery to meet the market demand.It was the initial step to produce twine thread for the foreign market.

As coconut is the basic raw material he started planting the coconut. It paved the way to produce various coconut based products. In 1991 after the purchasing of the Pannala Oil Mills (PVT) Ltd.,Mr.Wimal’s eldest son, Mr.Nilantha who was a professional business planner, became the managing director of the Pannala Oil Mills at a very young age of 21.

Coconut oil producers in Sri Lanka faced great difficulties from 1990 to 1997 due to importing of palm oil. Therefore as a diversification of business Mr.Nilantha started a company called“Metro Marketing” which was a company that deliver machinery for construction. At the same time, Mr.NilanthaHerath’s younger brother started “Wayamba Oil Stores” and began to produce white coconut oil to the local market in 2010

Mr.NilanthaHerath was able to export virgin coconut oil. Then in 2013 he launched “Coco Ceylon Exports Company”. Through the company, coconut and fiber products are marketed to a number of foreign countries such as Japan, Australia as England.  Mr.Nilantha’s latest business venture is the Wayamba Desiccated Coconut & Oil Mills (PVT) Ltd. The factory that houses a large number of sophisticated machinery was opened recently.

In 2007, A.C Coir Exports (PVT) Ltd, was establishedand Mr.AsankaHerath a younger son of Mr.WimalHerathbecame the managing director there clearing the path to export fibre to the foreign market.

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